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Rejuvenating Barcelona with digital technologies

Barcelona is well recognised in the field of innovation. The city was deeply transformed in the early 90’s for the Olympics. However, the rise of connected devices and advanced manufacturing are challenging the Barcelona’s development. The city has embraced new technologies by encouraging FabLabs. With a local network of five FabLabs, the city is becoming a playground for testing, prototyping and shaping tomorrow’s

The City of Barcelona has developed through the years a set of policies and reforms pointing towards becoming a Smart and Digital City.
Since 1990’s, especially after the 1992 Olympics, the city proved that it can transform, fostering closed collaboration between politicians, companies, academic institutions and residents and improving the city competitiveness by creating a proper innovation ecosystem. Barcelona’s Smart and Digital knowledge was developed thanks to a strong industrial network and cluster that enabled the creation of a relationship space, social network between companies, institutions, the city hall and citizens. Besides its industrial network and clusters, the presence of relevant academic institutions, with their know-how in the area, enabled the creation of the city’s innovation ecosystem and the development of the “smart city” vision (i.e. the Barcelona Smart City Strategy).