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Tallinn: a city of the future

The creation of an entrepreneurial culture in Luxembourg is not an easy task. The high public-private sector wage gap combined with the high wage in the financial sector makes it hard for other sectors of the economy to attract skilled workers, let alone for policy makers to encourage entrepreneurship.  The lack of affordable office or co-working spaces and the shortage of skilled workers notably due to the low number of science and engineering graduates does not make the situation any easier.  The level of entrepreneurial activity in Luxembourg could have stayed low, had it not been for the initiatives of bold individuals dedicated to turning Luxembourg into a digital nation.

In October 2015, the organisation that compiles the European Digital Cities Index (EDCI) ranked Tallinn 20th out of 35 European cities. Tallinn came first for its connections to the local market and achieved the fourth place for a lifestyle that promotes entrepreneurship Over the years, Tallinn has developed a strong digital entrepreneurship culture. Skype, for example, was developed by a team of Estonians and since then the country has caught investors’ attention and inspired other entrepreneurs, especially in the field of technology.