Arad completes first 3D scan of a heritage building

Arad 3D State Philharmonic

For the first time, Arad has successfully digitised one of its symbols – The State Philharmonic – under a rehabilitation project through European funds.

The Cultural Palace that hosts the State Philharmonic has always been among Arad’s architectural jewels, part of the heritage buildings that flank the Revoluției Boulevard crossing the heart of the city.

Since the opening of the Cultural Palace in 1913, the State Philharmonic has hosted a plethora of musical and non-musical events, with local, national and international artists performing on what is dubbed “the best musical stage in Europe”. 

Back in 2014, due to years of degradation, the local administration decided to restore the building to its former glory, first using resources from local budget, only to later earn European financing. 

The project has ended on 31st March 2019, culminating with a 3D scan of the State Philharmonic that anyone may access online. These scans are useful not only to architects for their data, but to those curious enough to explore the building without leaving their screens.

The project has been co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the Regional Operational Programme (Regio-POR) 2014-2020.  The whole project amounted to a total value of 17 178 539,97 RON (around €3.5 million) from which 13 701 335,14 RON (€2.8 million) were financed by the EU.

A second digitisation project is planned for the “Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre that is also currently being renovated.

See the digital version of the State Philharmonic by clicking here.