Welcome to the Digital Cities Challenge Self-Assessment Tool! This SAT is for European cities who want to determine their level of digital maturity and identify the starting points for discussion on how to develop a digital transformation strategy.

This tool is open to all city stakeholders and focuses on the role of cities as enablers of industrial transformation through digital technologies and solutions in the economy. Users can get instant access to their results and learning materials.

With the Self-Assessment Tool, your city will be able to:

  • Determine the existing conditions for digital transformation processes
  • Identify your advancement levels along 8 dimensions of digital development in the form of individualised reports
  • Get the perceptions of all the key stakeholders in your city and look for gaps or shared vision
  • Get inspiration from other city cases and good practices

Coupled to the Self Assessment Tool you will also have access to the Key Performance Indicators. The indicators allow the monitoring of the targeted and actual impact of the actions and initiatives on the local economy, businesses and citizens, and enable the participating cities to assess the progress achieved in terms of digital transformations.

To preview the tool create your account and insert the following SAT code: sat_test_city_4568

Download the Self Assessment Tool Guidelines

Download the Key Performance Indicators

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