Bilbao’s digital transformation strategy

As technology increasingly transforms the way citizens of Bilbao live, work and move, the local government has decided to create a people-centric digital strategy mobilising all the local stakeholders towards the digital transformation of the city. Following the approach set forth in this blueprint, Bilbao’s digital strategy relies on the adaptation of relevant international best practices to the economic, social and cultural particularities of the city. A long-term digital approach which has now started to bear fruit.


When visiting the modern and avant-garde city of Bilbao, it is hard to imagine that not so long ago the city experienced the collapse of its industrial model and major floods in 1983 causing severe damage in the city. Bilbao’s collaborative model was one of the key factors that enabled the city to successfully recover from the last crisis. This time, Bilbao opted for a model of collaboration focusing on smart investments to adapt its industry and services to the digital world.

Featuring a strong technological  component, steel plants have given way to the automotive and aerospace industries and logistics services were replaced by engineering companies. In line with the critical attributes of the blueprint, Bilbao Tech strategy focuses on 4 driving axes to support the digital transformation of the city:

  1. Smart governance;
  2. Talent and technological entrepreneurship;
  3. Access to technology and information, and;
  4. Digital infrastructures.