Call for Intelligent Cities Challenge service contract


After the success of the Digital Cities Challenge, the European Commission launches service contract to deliver the follow up project, the Intelligent Cities Challenge, to involve more cities and bigger scope. 

The Digital Cities Challenge, which kicked off at the start of 2018, brought together 41 cities from across Europe to drive urban and industrial transformation through collaboration, knowledge sharing and peer learning.

The initiative offers policy advisory services and coaching opportunities and provides cities with tools and best practices both for assessing current city readiness and moving forward their vision for the future. 

Having fostered numerous smart city pilot projects, new city partnerships and a declaration of cooperation between all 41 city mayors in the network, the project is to be followed up with an expanded version in the Intelligent Cities Challenge.

The new initiative will keep the current network of participating cities and add 50 new cities, plus triple the budget of the Digital Cities Challenge and expand the scope to the achievement of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The objective of this service contract is to promote the development of powerful high-tech innovation ecosystems in European cities/regions to fuel industrial transformation and smart, sustainable growth.

The aim is to foster leadership and collaboration in cities and regions across all actors of the economy, to transform their territories and facilitate notably SMEs’ access to talents, to advanced technologies and big data, to innovative business models and state-of-the-art infrastructure that would help them create the smart products and services of the future.

The deadline for tenders is 2 September 2019. To find out more, visit