Padua is the capital of the Padua Province, located in the Veneto region, north-east of Italy. It ranks 3rd in the list of the main cities of the Veneto region, following Venice and Verona, and 14th in the full list of Italian municipalities in terms of economic and social relevance.

Padua is an entrepreneurial city with 88,615 enterprises located in the city and 19,332 in the nearby province, resulting in a vital entrepreneurial ecosystem of 107,947 enterprises, mainly comprising of SMEs and a number of large companies, generating a turnover of €38.7 billion. In addition, the metropolitan area has a concentration of ICT companies among the highest in Italy and the employment rate is significantly higher than the national average.

When it comes to digital transformation, the Veneto region has not reached the European benchmark yet, however, the region does show higher performance than the national average and is accelerating to close the gap. To that end, Padua City has drawn up a set of strategic plans to align with the main EU Digital Agenda.

Padova digital transformation strategy

The ambition is that Padova will act as model for other Italian and European cities. By developing and testing novel policy levers in a collaborative approach with the involvement of other cities as peers it will demonstrate how to reap the benefits offered by the transformative power of digitisation. It will showcase how to fill the gaps which are currently hindering Padova to advance and capture the benefits of digital transformation.