Pori is a city and a municipality on the west coast of Finland. Traditionally an industrial city, Pori began diversifying its industry at the beginning of the millennium, and developing its university education to give it a better resilience against economic turmoil. The city is currently undergoing digital transformation but still lacks a real startup culture.

However, it is one of the global leaders in the areas of automatization and robotics. There are several companies in the area focusing especially on automatization processes. In addition to this, Pori also has several evolving companies in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Despite excelling in these fields, neither the traditional industry nor public services have been able to fully utilize this knowledge for their development.

The future vision of Pori is to be a developing area of automatization and Al, provide cost effective and high quality public services, as well as to serve industries as a platform for testing and developing new products.

Pori digital transformation strategy

In Pori, the Digital Cities Challenge was launched in 19 / 20 June 2018 with a first study to the city on behalf of the expert team. In parallel, the city completed the Digital Cities Self-Assessment Tool, leading to the collection of 22 contributions on behalf of the local community of stakeholders. On the basis of this information, the city team (i.e. city representatives supported by a team of external experts) developed the current digital transformation strategy.

The process was carried out interactively, as the team organised at least five local stakeholder workshops aimed at validating findings and collectively building the strategy and identifying key priorities. In addition to this, city representatives participated in four Digital City Challenge academy seminars which brought together representatives from all other participating cities, in light of sharing experiences and exchanging thoughts on the results of the Challenge.