Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and largest city. It’s location makes it a gateway to the EU market, as well as the markets of the Middle East and Russia. It is the national leader in ICT and, with one of the highest connection speeds on the continent, has the potential to be a leader in Europe.

It’s no surprise that ICT is the fastest growing industry in Sofia with 21.8% growth for 2016 in comparison to 2012. Seizing on the opportunity to use this digital landscape as a springboard, the Sofia Municipal Council has set out  to formulate a well-coordinated concept and common knowledge of what a smart city is and how the joint efforts of all relevant stakeholders could contribute for the better life of all its citizens.

Sofia- map

These efforts are committed to generating sustainable economic growth and reducing the harmful environmental impacts while enhancing the city’s resource efficiency and lowering the weight on citizens in order to transform the Bulgarian capital into a future-oriented attractive place to live.