Citizens mobile app in Sofia reports spike in usage after updates

Citizens mobile app Sofia

Only six months after moving to a new backend platform and launching new functionalities for citizens and institutions, the Citizens (Grajdanite) mobile app in Sofia has reported a 37% increase in alerts submitted and 23% increase in cases solved.

The app, which was developed in partnership with Sofia Municipality, has made it easier for citizens to report issues directly to officials in the responsible local administration department.

The new functionalities have also helped institutions to reduce response time and costs, as well as provide access to transparent statistics on the alerts submitted, who is working on them and the results of the case.

For the period April to September, following the introduction of the new functionalities, a total of 31,571 citizens from Sofia and the country were registered in the platform, and in one of the entirely new sections - submission of a collective alert - the sent messages reached 12,760 (with at least one more user, who supported the alert). 

For the same period, the total number of submitted alerts for case reports and violations were 19,492 (of which 16,844 were traffic violations and 2,648 were urban violations). The case reports solved by the institutions totalled 1,109.

In order to develop communication between institutions and citizens, the platform also introduced a functionality requested by the civil authorities themselves, namely a module that enables the relevant units in charge to send notifications on electricity/water outages, street closures, route changes in public transport. 

The results of the platform and their analysis provide a clearer and more realistic picture of the problems in the area. This enables the mayor and the municipal council to make informed decisions about the future of their municipality and optimise investments, processes and activities.

According to the statistics of the platform, among the best examples of cooperation between citizens and institutions is Slatina district, part of Sofia Municipality. Slatina district is one of the institutions with the fastest and most efficient reactions. In addition to solving many of the problems, officials also provide regular feedback to users on their alerts.