Construction begins on Hamburg’s new Science City

Hamburg Science City

Construction has begun on Hamburg’s trail blazing Science City project which brings together the municipality with the University of Hamburg and DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) in a joint venture that aims to propel the city into the future.

Already a player on the global science stage thanks to housing a number of leading science institutes, including the research and technology centre DESY and parts of the University of Hamburg, Bahrenfeld in Hamburg will be transformed into a district that combines work, research, study and living – all at once.

The 2,600 square meter development includes the new Altona Research and Innovation Park for research-oriented companies and startups, approximately 2,500 new apartments, and new public transportation stations, all of which will feature modern, groundbreaking designs.

The new campus will provide infrastructure for the transfer of knowledge from science to industry. “Science that no one knows is not beneficial,” said Professor Dr. Dieter Lenzen, President of the University of Hamburg. “This is why we, DESY and the university, have decided with the city to found an innovation centre that will pave the way for drawing entrepreneurial consequences from scientific results.”

In addition to the rooms and laboratories, the development will feature generous open and green spaces as its crowning jewel. It will be a green oasis of knowledge like nothing else in Hamburg, thanks largely to the Volkspark Altona, which will contribute to quality of life in the district in unique and special ways, offering plentiful opportunities for leisure, sport, and free-time activities.

Having unveiled the DESY Innovation Village in February, this was the first building block of the whole Science City initiative and the project is expected to be completed by 2021.