DCC report highlights the role of European networks in digital transformation

DCC final report

Participation in European networks is key to the advancement of cities as ecosystems of technological transformation according to the final report of the Digital Cities Challenge, ‘Designing Digital Transformation Strategies for EU Cities in the 21st Century’. 

The report published today by European Commission’s Directorate General GROW and Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) provides an in-depth analysis of the lessons learnt from the two-year project which brought 40 cities together in a network of collaboration to boost digital transformation in their cities.

“Being part of a European network of cities of different maturity levels can act as a catalyst for the motivation and engagement of their decision-makers and ambassadors of transformation,” found the report.

Packed full of insights into developing strategies for social and economic growth through the power of advanced technologies, the report also focuses on navigating the five major thematic areas for digital transformation, including: Open Data and the Internet of Things; Industry 4.0; Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; Tourism; Mobility.

The report marks the end of the European Commission initiative which achieved a number of milestones, not least the development of ambitious and actionable digital strategies, as well as bringing the mayors of the participating cities together to sign a declaration of cooperation and hosting a High Level Conference with key city stakeholders from across Europe, to name a few.

With an extension project called the Intelligent Cities Challenge already announced to continue the positive impact of the initiative across an expanded network, the European Commission has outlined its commitment to work hand in hand with cities to support industrial transformation and transition to circular economy, clean tech and resource efficiency, with advanced technologies as enablers.

In addition to the report, a practical guide for local policymakers based on the DCC methodology and fine-tuned from the DCC cities’ experience in their own digital transformation trajectories was also published.

You can view and download the report, along with the City Digital Transformation Handbook, at http://bit.ly/DCCFinalReport