Derry City hosts Strategy Workshop

Derry strategy workshop
Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry City and Strabane District Council, in conjunction with ERNACT, are inviting local stakeholders to attend the next Digital Cities Challenge workshop, on Thursday 6th December in Catalyst Inc., Londonderry, UK.


The city of Derry~Londonderry participates in the Digital Cities Challenge initiative as a Fellow city.

Step one of the initiative – setting the city’s vision and ambition – has been completed. This was done throughout the summer, gathering information from local government, industry, finance, academia, community organisations and social partners, and culminating in a successful vision workshop on September 12th, where the city’s digital maturity was discussed, and vision statements were produced (see below).


Now that the vision statements have been generated (and peer-reviewed by the Digital Cities Challenge experts and other participating cities) the next step is to identify a strategy to realise the vision. This will be accomplished at the strategy workshop, where participants will:

  • Review the vision statements

  • Generate operational objectives and ideas to help achieve the vision, and measures that will determine their success

  • Prioritise and organise the viable objectives into a cohesive strategy

The goal is to end the workshop with a clear strategy for tackling the areas of the city’s digital maturity that are most in need of focus. The strategy will later be shaped into a roadmap of funded projects to be implemented and monitored.

The workshop is an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to the development and implementation of the city’s digital vision and ambition.

Target Audience

  • Industry, including large companies, SMEs and business organisations

  • Utility companies, such as telecommunication providers, energy providers, public transport providers, etc.

  • Education and research institutions

  • Financial institutions

Vision Statements

  • To become a continuously evolving digital skills environment that delivers the inclusive talent pipeline needed by employers, through multiple education and training pathways, in order to generate a creative, innovative, entrepreneurial workforce

  • To become the expert city for *4.0 and beyond by 2032 

  • To specialise in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in combination with “visualisation” technologies and create a Digital Creative Hub to ensure uptake by creative and non-creative software companies 

  • To create a tourism ecosystem underpinned by digital skills and technology and based on quality visitor experiences that drive visitor spend

  • To create a service-driven smart city environment that is inclusive, transparent and sustainable, using existing and future datasets and technologies to support and improve the lives of citizens and businesses

Do you have questions about Digital Cities Challenge strategy workshop? Contact the Project Manager at / +353 74916 8212.