Digital skills and entrepreneurs to accelerate the digital transformation process

Digital talents are the backbone of the digital transformation of companies. The digital transformation of a territory is only possible if local businesses have the right talents to acquire and harness the required digital technologies. Digital talent is not only important for local companies. Local administrations, universities and research centres also need to attract key talents with the ability to radically shape the city’s digital ecosystem.

Digital skills

Hiring and retaining the right talent with the appropriate skillset has become one of the most critical challenges faced by Europeanbusinesses. In today’s globalised and hypercompetitive world, talent acquisition strategies constitute a top priority for businesses to innovate and grow.
Public administrations have also entered the race for global talent as finding the right individuals to work in the digital units of local public administration can prove to be particularly challenging. Throughout Europe, SMEs and large companies are thinking talent first. European digital leaders are extremely mindful and aware of their talent challenges but often lack of knowledge or capacityabout how to tackle them.
SMEs and large companies in peripheral areas as well as in the large metropolitan areas are all on the battlefieldfor talent. In addition, some local or national governments focus too much on the promotion of headquarter offices, factory facilities or campus buildings rather than on the promotionof local talents.

Digital skills and entrepreneurs

  1. Transform your local population into digital talents
    • Rethink your digital education strategies
    • Drive collaborative partnerships to train new digital workers
    • Encourage entrepreneurial policy-making to reskill the local workforce
  2. Attract global digital talents
    • Develop regional digital skills assessments
    • Develop collaborative processes to retain your local digital talents
    • Build a local brand to attract talents and investments
  3. Develop an entrepreneurial culture
    • Invest in entrepreneurship programs from pre-school to life-long learning education
    • Develop an entrepreneurial culture in the public administrations and local companies
    • Leverage on the press and media as critical means to spread the entrepreneurial culture