Gelsenkirchen and Huawei sign agreement for Smart City Cooperation

Gelsenkirchen and Huawei sign MoU

DCC Fellow city Gelsenkirchen and telecom equipment-maker Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Smart City Cooperation during the Mobile World Congress (MWC2019) in Barcelona.

The City of Gelsenkirchen and Huawei Technologies have agreed to partner on the development of a smart city platform to deliver government services to citizens, tourists and businesses in the German city. 

The first step has been the creation of an OpenAir Innovation Lab that functions as:

  • A smart city showcase for citizens, businesses and tourists
  • A smart city showcase for the city and its partners
  • A test-bed for new technologies and solutions
  • A hub for building the local ecosystem of partners and expanding the platform

The objectives are to implement and test public, highly-visible smart city services as well as prove the recommended approach to building a common, standardised platform for smart city service delivery. A further goal is the establishment of a Digital City Network, in which various partners contribute their expertise.

Huawei will continue to be a strategic technology partner for the City of Gelsenkirchen, delivering the communications and computing infrastructure that has allowed Gelsenkirchen to distinguish itself as the "Connected City".

The move is part of Gelsenkirchen’s digital strategy to use technology in an intelligent way to improve the lives of residents in the city and surrounding areas, and to stimulate the development of a vibrant information-based economy and ecosystem.