Have your say on new EU Observatory for Digital Transformation and KETs

Industrial Modernisation

The European Commission is currently developing a new project to improve the analysis and systematic monitoring of industrial modernisation and advanced technologies in Europe and wants your say. 

This project will result in a new EU Observatory for Digital Transformation and KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) that will, among others, provide users with: 

  • statistics and key performance indicators in the subject,
  • analytical reports such as on technological trends in specific countries or sectors,
  • analysis of industrial value chains,
  • access to technology centres and innovation hubs across EU countries.  

City stakeholders have a chance to co-design the upcoming EU Observatory for Digital Transformation and KETs, that is also expected to include a city ecosystem mapping, by sharing their thoughts in the user survey. 

Your input through the user survey will allow the Commission to tailor the upcoming monitor to your needs. Your views will form direct input for the development of this new European project. 

The survey aims to gather your feedback on the possible future tools and is open until 8 March 2019.
To have your say, click here: https://chkmkt.com/IndustrialModernisation