Iasi looks to intelligent lighting solutions

Iasi intelligent lighting solutions

The role of intelligent lighting solutions in the digital transformation of cities has gained momentum in recent years. This development will continue in the years to come through increased connectivity and industrial internet (IIoT) solutions, becoming a key element in most intelligent cities’ strategies around the world.

In order to develop vertical intelligent lighting, Iasi City Hall submitted the project Rehabilitation / modernization / extension, efficiency of public lighting network in Iasi Municipality.

Smart lighting solutions can play a key role in intelligent urban strategy by serving as the backbone of sensor networks for public safety, environmental quality, traffic monitoring, energy control, and data to improve municipal management.

The value created by smart lighting solutions are huge given that 40% of a city's energy budget is consumed by street lighting and intelligent solutions can save up to 50% of these costs. 

Today, most cities that install intelligent lighting solutions choose systems that are already equipped with sensor technology or that can be easily upgraded in order to use the benefits of IoT applications. 

Their key benefits are:

  • reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • enhancing public safety
  • safer night traffic due to increased visibility of dangers
  • environmental impact due to low energy consumption

The interventions in Iasi will consist of 4 088 LED lighting fixtures, 4 122 light points, 41 solar panels, 287 ignition points and a telegraphy system.