Iaşi presents Digital Transformation Strategy at City Hall

Iasi City Hall conference

On Friday, 22 March, Iaşi City Hall hosted the conference "Iaşi, a growing digital powerhouse built on skills and entrepreneurship" to present its Digital Transformation Strategy, as developed through the Digital Cities Challenge.  

The conference provided an update on Iaşi’s progress in their transformation journey, with the local DCC team sharing the clarity of vision, ambitions, objectives, activities and governance structure that have been initiated and validated with Iaşi’s stakeholders at various points in the journey.  

It also raised awareness of the need for additional local management capacity to implement the roadmap and raise the game for the benefit of the citizens of Iaşi. The highlight of the conference was the presentation of good practice examples developed by Iaşi’s citizens, from business, from the public and private sectors, from academia and from the community. 

Tremendous pride and achievement were communicated throughout the day, especially as some of the key activities in the DCC project plan have already started. The conference also succeeded in stimulating and raising awareness for best practice in establishing a platform for bi-directional public-citizen communication and exploring options for the use of open data.  

Iaşi is leading the way amongst Romanian cities, not only for exceptional education and entrepreneurship, but also through their Open Government Consortium and Smart City initiatives, all supported by an appetite for technology and entrepreneurship-driven growth.

The overall consensus of the conference was that to succeed, Iaşi’s digital transformation requires a genuine, engaged, and consistent cross-societal participation supported by collaboration and inspired leadership at a local level.   

The conference was a milestone in Iaşi’s Digital Cities Challenge journey, fuelled throughout by energy and optimism.