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Reskilling Guide
A Pragmatic Guide to Reskilling
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green economy
Local Green Deals - A Blueprint for Action
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green and digital tourism
1st ICC City Lab: Green and digital transition in tourism
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green rooftop
ICC Mayors Event Summary Report
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3rd ICC City Lab: Upskilling and reskilling
  • Good practise
Innovative public procurement: Needs assessment in Croatia
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public library
2nd ICC City Lab: Innovative public procurement
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Digitizing government services and citizen engagement
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4th ICC City Lab: Up and Reskilling in cities - Preparing the local workforce for the jobs of the future
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Ljubljana, European Capital of Smart Tourism in Digitalisation 2020
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Supply chains and logistics
2nd ICC City Lab: Supply chains, Logistics and the Economics of Mobility
  • Good practise
Toronto as a Connected Community
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solar energy
4th ICC City Lab: Green economy and local green deals part 2
  • Good practise
Open Data Ghent
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European Central Bank
2nd ICC City Lab: Access to finance