Interactive maps to show bicycle network and play areas of Sofia

Sofia bicycle network

In November, the team of OP Sofproect OGP presented the two newly created interactive maps – one with data on the available bicycle infrastructure and the other with the playgrounds in Sofia.

The bicycle lane map aims at evaluating the city’s bicycle network and building a methodology on how to improve it. It covers the bicycle network, bicycle parking stations, bicycle stands, as well as the extensions included in the Master plan of the city.
The map also analyses potential bike routes in Studentski grad as well as their connection with the adjacent urban areas. The presentation of the work under the project can be found here, and the map – here.

The map and the strategy for the play areas in the city is a digital information system with data on all the playgrounds maintained by the regional administrations and the Green System Directorate. It also includes schools, kindergartens and nurseries with their adjacent areas.
The map includes three area categories: newly built playgrounds (after 2000), playgrounds that need partial repair works and playgrounds that have to be totally renovated. When marked, each site displays additional data such as location, area, year of construction, available facilities, pedestrian accessibility, availability of fence, destination by age group, etc.
For public and private kindergartens and nurseries, information on name, address and method of financing of the establishment, as well as a link with the register of the Ministry of Education and Science or the website of Sofia Municipality, is included. Information about sites such as sports playgrounds and private play areas is to be included as well.
The map will serve as a basis for information when working on the Sofia Play strategy aiming to improve the play areas in the city. The map can be found here, and the presentation and more information about the project – here.