New civic app brings Athens closer to citizens

Novoville app Athens

A new civic app in Athens has greatly increased efficiency in municipality services and strengthened the quality and frequency of communication between the City and its citizens. 

The Novoville app allows Athens residents and visitors to easily submit requests, report problems they come across in the city, express their opinion on important issues, and get live updates about the progress of their requests on their smartphones

In addition, through the app, city authorities can instantly notify citizens about events, public consultations, emergencies, and much more, while providing useful telephone numbers, points of interest, and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Initially implemented in the City of Athens over a soft launch phase starting 3 October 2018, the app helped to resolve 22,500 requests while 8,500 SMS and 2,500 push notifications were sent to citizens within the first five months of operation.

The city, which wanted to make its customer relationship management more efficient and take pressure off its call centre’s 250-calls per day, also claimed that the platform has helped to save 720 man-hours, reduced call centre volume by more than a third and increased efficiency by a quarter.

“For the first time, Athens has at its disposal a single and open reference point for city issues. We now have data on the most important problems citizens face in their everyday lives; as well as on the municipal services’ response”, said the Mayor of Athens, George Kaminis.

Fotis Talantzis, CEO and co-founder of Novoville, said: “Our successful collaboration with the City of Athens represents an important milestone for us, especially due to the scale of the challenge. 

“The Novoville platform complements the Municipality’s digital strategy and contributes to better communication with and service to citizens. We are thankful for the trust the local government showed us and look forward to continuing our excellent cooperation with them.”

Konstantinos Champidis, Chief Digital Officer at the City of Athens, added: “We are very happy about our collaboration with Novoville. It is not just an app you can use to report issues that you encounter in your everyday life. It is much more. It closes the communication cycle between the City and the citizens and creates a two-way relationship between these two sides.”

The next phase of the implementation of the Novoville app in the City of Athens will see the rollout of additional online services, such as payments and consultations.