As governments, businesses, cities and other key players try to balance the COVID-19 recovery and green and digital transitions, a strong and skilled workforce will be the enabler to a powerful comeback. To discuss how this will be achieved, the European Commission is hosting the High-level Conference: Skills for Industry Strategy 2030   between 29 - 30 June 2021 to facilitate conversations between stakeholders, experts and representatives. The Intelligent Cities Challenge encourages cities to attend to learn from these valuable discussions and share their own relevant experiences in the interactive sessions. 

Existing and future upskilling and reskilling challenges will be explored and several speakers will present good practice cases and scenarios. Further, practical recommendations for creating new training and job opportunities will be shared to inspire change. The Conference will blend the experiences of experts - who will present concrete business cases - with the views and concerns of stakeholders, who will be invited to participate in multiple sessions and share their opinions. 

Sessions will include: 

  • Skills for Service Innovation and Jobs Scenarios & Recommendations for 2030 

  • Matching Demand and Supply for the Creation of Better Jobs and a Highly Skilled Workforce: Expert Panel 

  • AI, Digital Transformation of Industry and Skills: Policy Actions 

  • Platforms, AI, Robotics: Business Responses and Strategies 

  • Skills, Jobs and the Platform Economy: Expert Panel 

The Intelligent Cities Challenge is looking forward to the Conference and hopes to see fellow ICC cities in the virtual crowd! Register here now: