Nuremberg shines as Germany's digital capital

Nuremberg Digital Summit 2018

Nuremberg was a focal point for digitisation last year, with a host of initiatives and events on the topic taking place in the city. The crowning glory being the Digital Summit of the federal government, which took place on 3-4 December 2018. 

In the run-up to the summit, a broad-based group of stakeholders from politics, business, science, trade unions and civil society spent the year working on implementing projects and identifying solutions to help speed up digital transformation.

The summit itself welcomed more than one thousand leading representatives from the aforementioned fields, with Chancellor Angela Merkel the most high-profile guest.

The focus of the summit was Artificial Intelligence – a timely topic with the federal government having recently decided to invest an additional three billion euros in artificial intelligence projects by 2025 in order to make Germany one of the leading locations for research and application.

The city of Nuremberg is already well advanced in the area of eGovernment and has been able to boost the city’s digital scene through supporting startups with a technological focus. Now the umbrella strategy Digital Nuremberg is preparing for a comprehensive participation process to widen the digital potential of the city.

The course has also been set for Artificial Intelligence with plans to launch the Analytics Data Application Center (ADA Center) in spring 2019 to carry out research on AI technologies such as data mining and data management, and develop specific application cases for target markets in logistics, health and automotive.

Consequently, the Prognos Digitization Compass 2018, which evaluates how digital Germany’s regions are, ranked Nuremberg in the top 10 digital cities out of 401 cities and districts around the country.