OnGranada Tech City sets the tone for digitalisation in Andalusia

OnGranada Tech City

Having recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, the OnGranada Tech City initiative shows no signs of slowing down as the General Secretary, Vito Episcopo, calls for the technology cluster to guide the process of digitalisation in Andalusia.

The initiative has had great results with the last annual report showing that since 2017 alone, the cluster has coordinated 12 projects, which have benefited 24 associated companies and mobilised investment of more than 3.3 million euros.

OnGranada has become the largest technological cluster in Andalusia and one of the most important in Spain generating 51% of the turnover in the technology sector at regional level and 58% of employment.

In addition, it is a calling card for innovation having triggered the relocation of 27 ICT and biotechnological companies to the province of Granada and created more than 3,500 qualified jobs.

Although the next challenges of OnGranada are not so much aimed at the relocation of companies but using the work of the cluster as an official guide for the process of digitalisation in Andalusia, as indicated by the General Secretary Vito Episcopo.

"Digital transformation is a necessity and an obligation for technology companies and other sectors facing their internal processes, since those that do not adapt will accuse the competitive differences," said Episcopo.

One of the objectives is to continue pushing research and development through its partners in disruptive sectors such as artificial intelligence, robotics, science data and cloud computing technologies, among many others.

A path which heavily involves their alliances with the Andalusian universities: "We depend on knowledge and we are lucky to have the University of Granada which is the best European-level data computing technology," points out the Secretary General.

This reinforcement of OnGranada with important knowledge centres - a cluster that already has 640 associated companies and 35 institutional entities and partners - is of great relevance in terms of attracting funds for the execution of innovative projects by associated firms.