Rijeka hosts workshop on Building a Creative Ecosystem

Rijeka Building a Creative Ecosystem workshop

Rijeka brought together representatives from the academic, business and public sectors to discuss creative cooperation models aimed at sustainable urban development in the city, as part of a workshop on Building a Creative Ecosystem.

The workshop continued the Digital Cities Challenge participant’s preparatory activities for the new development strategy of the City of Rijeka for the period 2021 to 2027, that, among others, will be focussed on further digital society development and the smart city concept.

The results of the analysis carried out within the Digital Cities Challenge project have shown potentials for improving further cooperation between the private and academic sectors that is presently characterised by a weak connection of dispersed initiatives and projects.

Speaking at the workshop, Alain Heureux, an expert in the field of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship from Brussels, presented a methodology that connects Systemic Design Thinking, setting the frame for a discussion on the DNA system of Rijeka and the goals of “Creative Digital Rijeka”.

Creative Digital Rijeka is the name of the process borne out of the city’s participation in the Digital Cities Challenge, which aims at mobilising the creative potentials of Rijeka by encouraging networking and cooperation between various sectors (academic and business sectors, public administration, civil society and citizens) in order to increase innovative force and realise sustainable digital transition in the live ecosystem of the city and the region.

The workshop engaged participants to propose some new innovative projects, some of which have already been included in the strategic plan Rijeka Smart City, like intranet development, an open data portal or e-procurement. 

While other suggestions related to city projects already planned or underway, including the Torpedo Production Park, Smart Cities’ Competence Centre that awaits approval of EU funding or the incubator for creative technologies and the IT industry.

Rijeka Building a Creative Ecosystem workshopRijeka Building a Creative Ecosystem workshopRijeka Building a Creative Ecosystem workshop