Sofia signs cooperation agreement for energy and air quality improvement

Sofia city

Sofia Municipality, Cleantech Bulgaria and InnoEnergy have signed a tripartite cooperation agreement to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation in areas such as energy and air quality improvement in the city.

One of the main goals of the agreement is to enable sustainable economic development in Sofia with a focus on environmental protection.

During the meeting, Mayor Yordanka Fandakova presented the pilot project for bicycle rental as a means of transport to Vitosha Mountain. The service is in high demand and the municipality has commissioned Green Sofia to expand the project by providing more bicycles.

“We will rely on InnoEnergy’s experience and expertise to develop the innovation ecosystem and support startups in the field of mobility, digitization, air quality improvement, and sustainable urban environment,” said Mayor Fandakova.

“We will also rely on them in the assessment of innovative projects in the field of ecology. The partnership of Sofia with Cleantech Bulgaria and InnoEnergy will help Sofia create a more favourable environment for the development of clean energy innovations.” 

Cleantech Bulgaria is an official partner of EIT InnoEnergy, the largest public-private partnership with the EU in the field of sustainable energy, and has been working to provide support and investment for the sustainable development of cities and regions in Bulgaria since 2015.

As part of the agreement, Cleantech Bulgaria will make a detailed analysis of the status and development of eco-innovations in the capital city and plan measures for strengthening their implementation in the urban environment.

Mariana Hamanova, executive director of Cleantech Bulgaria, said about the cooperation: “We have been working actively with Sofia Municipality for years and we can already boast about a number of accomplishments and favourable results. The signing of this memorandum is a logical step towards laying solid foundations for cooperation in the long run, not just on paper, but in practice.”

Marcin Levenstein of EIT InnoEnergy added: “Sofia succeeds very well in improving its quality of life and sustainability. We in InnoEnergy see this transformation as an exciting opportunity for common development of European energy innovations. 

“This allows us to address major city problems such as air pollution, energy efficiency, public transport, heating. We believe that together we will contribute to the development of Sofia as a Green European Capital, signing the memorandum being only the first step in this process.”