ZTE and Wind Tre trial VR and drone streaming over L'Aquila 5G network

drone streaming over L'Aquila

Italian operator Wind Tre and ZTE have conducted a demonstration of 5G network-based drone HD and panorama VR live streaming at the Chinese company’s 5G Summit in L’Aquila. 

In a statement, ZTE said the 4K 360-degree videos captured by the drone’s cameras were transmitted to a cloud server and then to end users via the pre-commercial 5G network first activated a year ago. 

During the trial, users were able to view the drone’s footage on a large screen and experience the panorama view with VR glasses.

“It is foreseeable that 5G UAV and VR live streaming will be widely used in video conferences, security monitoring, concerts, sport games and other scenes in the future,” said Mr. Xiao Ming, SVP, President of ZTE Global Sales.  

ZTE is partnering with Wind Tre and Open Fiber in L’Aquila to comprehensively test and verify 5G technical performance, network architecture, 4G/5G network integration and future 5G use cases, including AR/VR, smart city, public safety, healthcare and Industry 4.0 in a trial scheduled to last until 31 December 2021.

The Chinese company has also inaugurated a 5G Innovation and Research Centre in the city as part of a commitment to invest EUR 500 million in the country over the next 5 years. 

As one of the 5G key cities identified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, L’Aquila was selected as one of the first 5G pilot commercial sites and planned to conduct a series of 5G verification from 2018 to 2020.